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A couple of nights ago, in preparation to view and photograph the  Perseid meteor shower, I went up to the deck of suite 401 at the Gym Club Suites to try out photographing the stars with our Nikon D600.  Before that I went online to learn how to set the ISO,  f-stop and shutter speed.  With my new found knowledge, I managed to take a few photos of the stars and was confident that I would be able to capture a few shooting stars later that night.

Starry skyI got up about quarter after 2 Monday morning and went up to the deck again.  Now that all the bars were closed, I was happy that it was darker and that I was able to see the stars much better.  It was so pleasant up on the deck – crisp cool air and a sky full of stars and  an occasional shooting star.  Every time I pressed on the shutter, I was hoping that a shooting star would appear at the direction my camera was pointing at.  No such luck.  Now I can appreciate much more the meteor photos I see on the internet.  But, I did get some interesting pictures.

B-mountain long exposure

The Perseid meteor shower show will continue tonight, Tuesday August 13, 2013.  Although last night’s show was to be more impressive with more than 60 meteors every hour,  tonight’s show will peak at dozens of shooting stars every hour.

Tonight or any clear nights, there are places you can drive to within 10 minutes of Old Bisbee where you find yourself far away from city lights and be able to see dark sky full of bright stars.   Take highway 92 towards Sierra Vista, a couple of miles pass Safeway – anywhere you can find a place to park.  You can also drive up to the Old Divide for a good view of the sky.  Tonight will be a good one to view the Perseid meteor shower.  Maybe you’ll be lucky and capture one on you camera.

For more information of this year’s Perseid meteor shower and live stream of tonight’s meteor shower, click HERE.


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