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Rainbow’s End,  Suite 201, of the Gym Club Suites is a 1300 square foot, two story apartment suite with a 560 square foot deck that has a 270 degree view of Old Bisbee.  When the building was being renovated in 1985 into a 17 unit apartment building, the managing partner of the project, Garth Collier of Collier-Craft Development Company, designed this unit to be his future residence.   Mr. Collier lived in suite 201 and Mr Craft lived in suite 105 after the project was completed.


View from SE corner of suite 201 deck.

View from SW corner of suite 201 deck.

View from SW corner of suite 201 deck.

After twenty some years, the wood deck has deteriorated.  It’ time for a new one.  But, it’s a big job.  The deck has no outside access and it’s two stories above ground level.  The old wood from the existing deck will need to be removed and disposed of.  The roof where the deck sits on needs to be cleaned and be coated with a couple of layers of roof coating because we’re hoping we will not have to work on it for another 20 years.  New wood will have to be taken up – over 150 pieces of 8 footers.

It’s mid-May.  The weather was getting hot.  But, it needed to be done before the monsoon season began.

We started out with an 8’x8′ area just outside the patio door.  We took out the existing 8×8 deck –  pried the wood boards off the joists, banged in the exposed screws, cut down the boards for easy handling.  We experimented with different gap sizes between the boards and how to compensate for boards that were not straight.  After the 8×8 area was finished, we had to stop for a while because of a check-in.  This break gave us time to reconsider how we would approach the rest of the deck.


On the left are old joists with parts of deck boards still attached. On the right are stacks of 16″ 2×6’s. Lower right shows the 8×8 “new” deck.

The new approach would be to eliminate any kind of prying and banging down the screws.  This was accomplished by cutting both sides of the board that was screwed into the joist.   We ended up with pieces of 2×6’s that were about 16 inches long and old  joists with pieces of wood still screwed into them.  The joists were then cut into smaller pieces with a miter saw.  Once the old wood was removed, the roof  swept clean and painted, it’s time to build.  But, we had to take another break because of reservations.

With the experience of building the 8×8 deck, we decided to build the deck differently from before – which was  6 or 7 smaller, independent decks put next to each other.  This time, the deck boards would be staggered.  It was going to be one big deck – no more unevenness or wobbling.

Here are more photos:

Building the deck - one board at a time.

Building the deck – one board at a time.

Finished deck.

Finished deck: we used Cabot Wood Stain instead of paint – no more cracking and peeling paint 🙂

Now, imagine yourself enjoying a cup of coffee in the early morning – the sun is about to rise above the B Mountain.  It had rained the night before, but there’s not a cloud in the sky.  The air is crisp and fresh.  You can hear the birds chirping joyously, welcoming a brand new day.

Or, imagine later in the afternoon… the sun is already hiding behind the monsoon clouds; there is a light breeze.  It’s the perfect setting to share a bottle of wine with good friends, relaxing around the patio table, lingering until you hear the first thunder.   If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see this amazing sight (photo by Joseph Oland):  http://ow.ly/mZH9R

Monsoon season is actually a great time to visit Bisbee.  Our temperature is 10-20 degrees lower than that of Tucson or Phoenix.  The average summertime low is in the mid 60’s.  No matter how hot it gets during the day, we always have cool nights and mornings.   As a bonus, you’ll get to see the gorgeous waterfalls of Bisbee after the monsoon rain.

This year, we are offering low, low summer rates.   So, bring your entire family and enjoy a delightful summer vacation in Bisbee, Arizona at the Gym Club Suites.   We are also offering a summer deal at ArizonaGuide.com and DestinationBisbee.com.  Summer deal and summer rates ends September 30th, 2013.  Come visit us soon.


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